A must-have to pair with the Dish Soap Brick. This Bamboo Soap Dish is perfect to store bar soaps/shampoo/conditioner or sponge for a low waste household. As bar products are essential to zero waste living, we purposely designed our soap dish with two layers - one layer directly touches the soap and the other collects water. No more mess. This design will ensure your shampoo and soap bars dry and your countertops and bathtub ledges clean from soap residue.



  • repurpose the organizer for gardening, crafts, and other creative projects.
  • check city's waste management info before disposal. Bamboo can be classified as recyclable or garbage depending on cities' recycling capabilities.

If unsure, always consider composting in the backyard overthrowing it into the garbage.

Care Tips

  • avoid soaking in water to prevent cracks
  • avoid placing in the dishwasher
  • place away from high heat or flames

note: oil the organizer to reduce the potential of cracking if you regularly submerge your soap dish in water.


Bamboo Soap Dish

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