Ever since I was young, I was interested in making spaces beautiful. I love to renovate homes, upgrade them, and make them new again. To me, home is the place you find comfort surrounded by the people and things you love.

I am grateful for the opportunity to share my work with the Quinte and surrounding homeowners with a less is more, approach. Creating calm, unique spaces that are an extension of you is my passion. If I can do this for you, then I feel I have made your life better.

When I am not working with clients in their homes, designing spaces, shopping for my home store, or writing my blog - you will find me at home. Here - is my sanctuary where I find peace, whether elbow deep in my garden, creating a scrumptious recipe with Sean or cuddling with my dog. When my kids come home for a visit, my world is complete.

Thank you for stopping in.



Tracy x


Local, 100% Canadian products for you and your home. 

Making your home look its very best 

Home Staging

I work closely with homeowners to prepare their homes to sell in a competitive real estate market. Focusing on the positives in the space, we create an action plan for what the home will require to be it's best on game day.


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How to decorate a spectacular bedroom, living room, or kitchen, but don't know where to begin?

My Interior Decorating services can take your space from nice to Joanne Gaines beautiful. Whether it's choosing the perfect furniture for your living room or ways to decorate the white walls in your bedroom, my only goal is for you to love your home. 

I have several decorating packages that we offer, as no project or home is the same. Please connect with me below, 

and let's start decorating! 

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