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Ever since I was young, I was interested in making spaces beautiful. I love to renovate homes, upgrade and make new again antique furniture, and redesign spaces. I have done this to all the homes we have owned, plus friends and family. This has really sharpened my design style and gain confidence as a business owner.

To me, home is the place you find comfort surrounded by the people and the things you love.

I have had the opportunity to share my work with a minimalist approach, with the less is more concept. Creating calm, beautiful spaces that are simply an extension of you, and

the life you want to live.

If I can do this for your home, then I feel I will have made your life better. I am so grateful to welcome you to my business, which I have been dreaming about doing all my life.

When I am not working with clients on their homes, designing décor or writing my lifestyle blog – you will find me enjoying life, walking my dog, elbow deep in my garden and trying out new

recipes with my husband Sean. When my kids come home for a

visit, my world is complete.

Tracy x


3 Podcasts that changed my life and love.

New BLOG, March 29th, 2020

The most real and raw blog that I have ever written. From girl talk, marriages and careers, I am talking about it.




Live simple, love your space.

Tracy Struthers Lifestyle offers interior decorating services in Belleville, Ontario and the surrounding area. I am also happy to offer e-design, with the power of the internet.  I collaborate with homeowners to create tasteful spaces creating a true wow factor. Get in touch with me today to set up an initial consultation.


Home Staging

Making your home looks its very best 

I work closely with homeowners to prepare their homes to sell in a competitive real estate market. Focusing on the positives in the space, we create an action plan for what the home will require to be it's best on game day.